Terms & Conditions

Rules and Terms of Service

This user agreement (the Agreement) describes the terms and conditions of using the services provided by betcruisez.com to the registered user (Client), including the access to the personal account and payment operations performed through the betcruisez.com website located at https://betcruisez.com.

Using betcruisez.com services, you confirm that you have read this Agreement, understood its meaning in full and accept this Agreement.


betcruisez.com is automatic system for gaining guaranteed passive income from online poker 24/7 without human participation.
betcruisez.com is a network of poker bots based on private software.

Any person or company can participate in betcruisez.com. There are no restrictions on any country.

Creating an account is free.

A Client agrees to have only one personal account, otherwise all accounts confirmed to be opened by this Client will be blocked and all funds invested will be returned in accordance with the withdrawal rules.

The funds invested earn variable daily percent of profit. The results of each day are published on betcruisez.com website at the Poker Bot Earnings History section.


betcruisez.com works only with the most secure payment systems keeping user anonymity:
Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, Liqpay, W1), OKPAY, Advanced Cash (BankWire, Paxum, eCoin), PayCo

A separate internal balance is allocated for each payment system.

We do not charge any fees for investments.

The minimum investment amount is 25 USD. The maximum investment amount isn’t limited. The more the amount is, the more profits you can earn (according to the Investments section).

There is no limit for number of investments.

The member invests funds by making a payment on the our website. Direct money transfers are NOT allowed.

All transfers and electronic payments performed incorrectly will be refused.

With betcruisez.com the income is credited each day. Our robots generate earnings 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Earnings are deposited to the personal account of each member.

Members will receive the first profit within 24 hours of making an investment.


betcruisez.com does not charge any fees for withdrawing the earnings.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD. Maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.

Withdrawal request can be created inside your account area on any working day of the week (except holidays, weekends).

A member can withdraw profit only in the same way he/she has deposited it.

If the member funded their account in several different ways, then they will see in their account area the amounts separated to the payment systems used.

Affiliate commissions are credited to the internal balance in the same payment system that was used by the referral.

It's not possible to cancel an investment. The member must wait until the end of the investment for any changes.

Withdrawals can take from 1 to 5 working days from the date of request.
This is because all clients funds are on poker bots accounts in poker rooms, and it takes some time to transfer money.

There are no hidden or additional fees and commissions.


A member may use the affiliate program and receive partner's commissions.

The member is not required to invest any personal funds in order to participate in the affiliate program.

The referral commission is credited to members every day sharing the profits of their referrals.

betcruisez.com calculates the commission as a percentage of all daily referral profits with the following conditions:

For regular members:
1st level affiliates - 5% of their profits
2nd level affiliates - 2% of their profits
3rd level affiliates - 1% of their profits

For Representatives:
1st level affiliates - 10% of their profits
2nd level affiliates - 3% of their profits
3rd level affiliates - 2% of their profits

If the member wants to receive higher commission as a Representative, then he needs to create an account with betcruisez.com and apply for a Representative status in the appropriate section.
Application to become a betcruisez.com Representative may be done by any member who deposited at least $1000 and is ready to act as a consultant to other members in their country or city.

VIP status allows to earn income from the affiliate program on par with Representatives, gaining 10%, 3% and 2%.
Making an investment isn’t required for VIP status.

Inviting other members isn’t mandatory.
Client can attract referrals and generate an additional revenue or receive income only from his own investment.

betcruisez.com has the right to cancel any and all affiliate commissions, block the member's account and initiate the deposit refund (minus betcruisez.com losses) if it suspects that the partner's reward has been earned in a fraudulent manner or in a manner violating the terms of this Agreement.


Member participation in betcruisez.com is completely confidential. Members do not need to submit any documents.

betcruisez.com acts in accordance with policy of complete confidentiality. No information about Members, incl. personal data, information on operations, transactions and revenue to anyone except the Member are available.

All possible technical risks are taken by betcruisez.com. They do not threaten the project and do not affect betcruisez.com members.

betcruisez.com may refuse to provide its services to a member if the member violates the terms of this Agreement or attempts to harm, in any way, betcruisez.com (cheating, blackmail, website security exploits, spam, etc.).
In this case betcruisez.com may initiate the procedure of investment refund or block the member and confiscate the funds invested in compensation of the damages.

The member is obliged to store the login, the password and other personal data in a secure way.

The member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login & password associated with their account and for all activities that occur within their account.

betcruisez.com has the right to allow or prohibit the use of its website and any of its services to a member without the explanation of reasons.

Member understands and fully accepts the fact that SPAM about betcruisez.com is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
The account of a member engaging in spam activities will be blocked without any refund.

betcruisez.com guarantees a minimum profit on investments in the amount of 0.1% per day under any circumstances and technical state of the system.
The website is separate from the botnetwork. The status of our website site does not affect the operation of bots and poker accounts.
The website's downtime due to technical reasons does not affect the process of earning money by robots.

betcruisez.com offers a 100% money back guarantee!
If betcruisez.com decides to terminate working with clients for some reason, this will be announced in advance on the official website (betcruisez.com).
Each client will be refunded via payment system that was used to make a deposit within 5 working days.


This Agreement may be added to or modified by betcruisez.com at its sole discretion, at any moment and without any prior notice.

If a member continues using our services after this Agreement is modified, the member agrees to all changes.