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About betcruisez.com

betcruisez.com is an automatic system made for gaining passive income from poker 24/7 without human participation. betcruisez.com is a network of poker bots based on our custom made private software. For more details you can check the page "About Us".

Poker bots (the name comes from "robot") are programs that play online poker without any human intervention.
Poker bots are being used in all online poker rooms. There are high quality winning bots (written by professional poker masters) and there are low quality ones that poker rooms quickly detect and block. Sometimes the bots are owned by the poker rooms themselves. There could be also a version that these bots can see ALL cards of other players, but this information has never been proved.
There is no country where the law prohibits using these poker bots. Rules of the poker rooms do prohibit using bots, and they try to fight against robotic systems. However, that’s only possible with low quality primitive robots.
If a poker room detects a bot (if the room can prove the fact of using a bot), the room can block the account and return the money won to players who have lost. Or it can only block the account and do nothing else.
Bot accounts do not differ from regular accounts of human poker players. betcruisez.com's staff specializes in creating, purchasing new poker accounts. Our botnetwork uses accounts from all around the world. We pay rent for the poker accounts to their owners. Their owners hand over the access to the accounts in return for their payment. Each account passes all sorts of verification measures (valid documents, verified payment systems). Every new poker account is aged with human playing poker for various duration and a gradual increase in balance. After reaching certain characteristics & age, the account is added to the main network of our bots (botnetwork).
betcruisez.com operates hundreds of verified poker room accounts. We can increase their number in each poker room depending on our site's popularity and performance parameters as well as the overall funds under our control. We have a huge stock of poker room accounts that are ready to be added to the botnetwork. The capital controlled by betcruisez.com could be increased in multiple ways:
- The addition of new poker room accounts
- Increasing the stakes at poker tables
- Increasing the bankroll on accounts
Our capacity allows rising the capital multiple times under our control.
No. They never share the information between each other. Each is playing for itself.
We have robots in almost all of the biggest online poker rooms: PartyPoker, PokerStars, iPoker Network, Winning Poker Network, Microgaming Network, 888 Poker, Ongame Network, Merge Gaming Network.
Sometimes even our bot account can get blocked. This happens VERY RARELY. Not more than 0.5% of our total poker bots are affected. This mainly happens due to cheating players who played with our bots at the same table, not because our bots get discovered. If you play poker online, you have probably already encountered similar situations when regular players get blocked. Normally these blocks are only temporary. After solving the problem with the room's technical support, we are able to unblock these accounts. If this happens, these temporary losses are compensated by the profit gained by the other bots in our network. We constantly develop our software every month. We continue to improve our bots every day to prevent these from happening.
We never sell our robots! This is a private in-house solution. We don’t need any competing bots at all. Selling them would provide an opportunity to study the algorithms and secret methods of the software closely and to reduce the built-in protection against being detected. If the bots have been sold or distributed, then sooner or later they will cease to be profitable. You can look to purchase a pokerbot at a private bot-master forum.
The best that these bots can do is to play with a little loss or sometimes with luck at zero if using micro stakes during small period of time. Additionally these are easily detected and always blocked by the poker rooms. Don't be naive! No one would ever sell a robot that makes profit for only $100 - $200! If you want to purchase an effective robot, you can find one at private forums of the bot-masters. The cost is huge! It can be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 or even more. And you need capital to play...
If you are skilled in poker mathematics and programming, it will take about 2-3 years to create a working bot that could win for a long time. betcruisez.com spent about 6 years to develop and test-run our robots including 4 years of playing in real online poker rooms.
Main profit comes from our poker bots. Additional profit is coming from the rakeback (Majority of professional players make around $50,000 a year, from the rakeback alone, besides the profits they make while playing poker.) We also participate in bonus offers coming from the poker rooms (eg. deposit bonuses, etc).
The avg. yield for a longer duration (from 10.000.000 hands) is 1-1.5 big blinds/100 hands That’s quite low figure but we always consider security, minimal risk of each individual pokerbot and stable/guaranteed winning to be more important.
It’s difficult to calculate a yield for one single bot because many factors need to be taken into account (and the factors are not constant):
- Number of hands per hour (~ 40)
- Avg. yield (1-1.5 big blinds/100 hands)
- # of simultaneously running tables (2-3)
- # of playing hours (2-5 hr. / day)
- # of playing days (3-5 days / week)
- Different yield at different stake
- Bot's Bankroll

Trying to calculate an approximate average yield for one bot:
~ 40 hands / hour / table (the avg. speed of a game)
2-3 tables = 2.5 (avg. number of poker tables)
40 hands * 2.5 tables = 100 hands / hour
Multiplied by 4 hours a day = 400 * 100 hands / day (maximum 2-5 hours of playing per day to remain undetected)
400 * (1-1.5) big blinds/100 ~ 4-6 big blinds / day (avg. yield / day)
If bankroll is ~ 300 bb, then yield is ~ 1.3-2% per day
4-5 days per week = average yield per week ~ 0.7-1.3% per day
To gain large profits, you need a large capital under your control. With a small capital, costs for the equipment (renting servers), maintenance costs (keeping the accounts online), development costs (constant development of poker bots) eat up the most of our income. Each betcruisez.com employee is already a betcruisez.com investor too. But the number of the people in our team is limited. At the moment we continue to expand the business and give other people an opportunity to participate in the profits of our company without releasing our software to the public. This brings a steady income to each investor and our entire team. Our capital is constantly increasing, therefore our bot's efficiency is also increasing and the share of the costs are decreasing.
Our bots are present in all limit games where the risk is limited and also small volume no limit games. In the long run bots always have an advantage over people (emotions, tiredness), but we tend to limit the risk. While not playing in big no limit games reduces profits, but it also significantly reduces the risks securing from impulsivity of the players. Our bots never participate in tournaments either currently. In the initial stages of a tournament, our bots are more successful than the majority of human players, but closer to the end of the tournament the tactics and the behavior of the players change.
We can’t disclose the exact methods because it may harm the security of our pokerbots. We've developed a multi level protection against detection and blocking for each pokerbot account. This protection includes both appearance of the account & the behavior at the table. There is also a simulation of emotions (small mistakes, chat messages, ...)
Even when removing all the names & custom signs of the accounts, they could be found and spotted by special software (for graphs or stats) using the sites like PokerTableRatings. For security reasons we will only publish the daily yield of the entire botnetwork.
Yes, for sure! You can always receive a passive income with betcruisez.com, without wasting your time. You can then use the money and time saved at your leisure!
Yes, for sure! You do not need ANY knowledge and experience in poker at all to earn a passive income with betcruisez.com. The whole technical job is done by our team!

Registration and Using Your Account

Account opening is very simple. Click on the "Sign Up" link, fill in the fields and click the Submit button.

You can’t change your data in the Personal Area after registration. Please take care while completing the fields during account creation. If you made a mistake, send a request to our Support.
No, each participant may open only one account.
Yes, each of you can open a separate betcruisez.com account, but you cannot have referral relationships.
Anyone, a person or a company can sign up to betcruisez.com. We have no restrictions on any country! Everyone is welcome here!
Account creation is FREE - $0.

How to Invest?

You simply need to Login to Your account, click Make an Investment, enter the amount you wish to deposit, select a convenient payment system and complete the payment.

The minimum investment amount is 30 USD. The maximum amount is not limited. The more the investment amount is, the more profits you will get. To learn more, see "Investments" section.
We work with the most secure payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, Liqpay, W1), OKPAY, Advanced Cash (BankWire, Paxum, eCoin), PayCo, Payza. We recommend you to choose one of the payment systems for your convenience.
You can easily create an account:
Bitcoin: www.blockchain.info/wallet - (How to Buy Bitcoins)
Perfect Money: www.perfectmoney.is
Payeer: www.payeer.com
OKPAY: www.okpay.com
Advanced Cash: advcash.com
PayCo: pay.co
Detailed video instructions for creating an account and using any of these payment systems can be found on YouTube.com. Just enter the name of the payment system into the search box.
You can easily fund, withdraw or exchange money in any payment system. You can directly fund the payment system or transfer money from one system to another. There are hundreds of different currency exchangers on the Internet. To find the cheapest exchange, use bestchange.com
You can use Bitcoin. It is a reliable & anonymous payment system. It works worldwide. You can also use Bank Wire Transfer, which also works worldwide.
Typically, deposits are shown in your account history instantly. In some cases it takes up to 24 hours. If the transfer is not shown in your history 24 hours after payment, please contact betcruisez.com support. The deposit will be credited by our staff manually.
Yes, we do. The conversion is done using a fair current exchange rate, which is shown to you during the deposit.
A separate balance is shown for each payment system. This is done for convenience and cost savings during exchange transactions.
For example:
You have made 3 investments: 1 BTC by Bitcoin, $2000 by Perfect Money & $1500 by Payeer.
There will be 3 balances shown in your account area:
- 1 BTC (Bitcoin)
- $2000 Perfect Money
- $1500 Payeer
It’s recommended to deposit to your betcruisez.com account via one the most convenient systems so you won't share the amount between different balances.
To improve the efficiency of the investments, customer convenience and to increase profitability, we have developed 7 levels of investments, depending on the deposit amount. Detailed information can be found in "Investments" section.
You can make as many Investments as you wish.
Existing investments cannot be replenished. Each investment has its own duration. To add funds to it you should wait for the expiration of the old investment and then create a new investment using the available funds on your account balance.
We do not offer compounding yet.
Unfortunately, that's not possible. However, you can make an additional Deposit anytime! As for the old investment, wait for it to expire, so you can then allocate the funds to another investment.
In betcruisez.com income is accrued every day. Bots generate income 7/24/365!
You can use our Calculator at the Make a New Investment menu. Profit in betcruisez.com is not fixed. Our calculator calculates the approximate yield depending on the average % of our daily income for the last month. You can look for the exact yields over the past days, months and years inside the "Robot Earnings History" section.

Withdrawals And Rules

Withdrawal can take anywhere from 1 to 5 working days from the date of the request. Usually it takes less time than that, but please allow at least 5 working days before opening a support ticket. This delay is due to the fact that all customers funds are on poker accounts in different poker rooms and it takes some time to transfer money.

Withdrawal requests can be created inside your account area on any working day of the week (except holidays / weekends).
There are NO hidden charges, NO additional fees and NO commissions. Commissions are taken by the payment systems only. All commissions from our part are paid by us.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD.
Maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.
You can withdraw profit only by the same payment system you have made the deposit with. If you funded via several different payment systems, then in your account you’ll see separate amounts for separate payment systems.
Your affiliate reward is accrued to the balance of the payment system that was used by your referral.
For example:
You have invited 40 people. 15 people made a deposit via Bitcoin, 15 people invested via Perfect Money and 10 people paid via Payeer.
Then you will receive referral commission:
for 15 referrals to your Bitcoin balance,
for 15 referrals to Perfect Money balance
and for the remaining 10 referrals into your Payeer balance.
If you haven’t yet deposited to your account by some of these payment systems, then those balances will automatically appear in Your Account Area.
We act in accordance with the policy of complete confidentiality. No information about you, your personal data, information on the payment operations or your revenue is disclosed to anyone except you.

Affiliate Program

There’s 3-level affiliate program in betcruisez.com. You can gain a stable and steady extra income by inviting other people to betcruisez.com.

There are 2 options of the program: for regular members and for Representatives.
For regular members:
3% of the referral's deposit amount
5% of the profits of your 1st level partners
2% of the profits of your 2nd level partners
1% of the profit of your 3rd level partners

For Representatives:
5% of the referral's deposit amount
10% of the profits of your 1st level partners
3% of the profits of your 2nd level partners
2% of the profits of your 3rd level partners
For information see "Affiliate Program" section.
If you want to earn affiliate rewards as a regular member, then just create an account with us, copy your affiliate link from Your Account Area and share it with your friends and everyone else.
If you want to receive higher earnings as a Representative, then you need to create an account with us, apply for Representative status in the "Become a Representative" section of your Account Area.
In order to become a betcruisez.com Representative you have to contribute at least $1000 and be ready to act as a consultant to other members in your country or city.
An investment is not required to participate in our affiliate program as a regular member.
No, You cannot change the referrer after registration.
Inviting other members is not necessary. You can invite friends and generate an additional revenue or just receive the income only from your own investments. It's up to you to decide.
Affiliates receive profit every day at the same time. Your referral commission is credited to you when your affiliates receive their share of the profit.

Guarantees & Security

betcruisez.com pays great attention to user security and privacy. Information on our website is protected by high quality SSL & DDoS Protection. betcruisez.com does not share any personal data of our customers to third parties. Your participation with us is strictly confidential.

You do not need to upload any identity documents to have an account with us.
Yes, our website is protected by CloudFlare, a leader in DDoS protection services worldwide!
To increase your account's security, follow these simple steps:
- Never share your login, password and other personal data with anyone else
- Never use the same password on different websites. If you really must use the same password, at least add some special characters, which are different on every site.
- Use strong passwords (letters, digits, special characters)
- NEVER click on links found in emails from unverified senders
- Use a leader antivirus program
You can use the password recovery tool. Click on the I've forgot my password link during login.
You can send a request to our support. You need to specify your new account in the payment system. Your withdrawals will be locked for 7 days in case of a payment account change. The change must be confirmed in e-mail before it's completed.
If you noticed that your account has been compromised, immediately report it to our support. Immediately change the password for your email address & your betcruisez.com account! Scan your computer for viruses.
We are interested in long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients. There are no risks for our members. All possible technical risks are taken by us. These are threatening the project and do not affect betcruisez.com members. You can learn about our guarantees at "Our Guarantees" section of our website.
These attacks are absolutely no threat to the project. There is no need to worry about that.
1) Our servers are making automatic backups of the entire site every hour, and those backups are uploaded to separate servers.
2) We have a reserve domain, adv.poker The website can be re-deployed instantly in case of an attack to the primary domain.
3) The website is separate from the bot network. Work of betcruisez.com site doesn’t affect the operation of bots and poker accounts. (eg. it does not matter if our website is accessible or inaccessible, you can be sure our bots are working 24/7)
4) Server IP addresses of our bots are NEVER published. Attackers do not know what servers to attack.
betcruisez.com offers a 100% money back guarantee. If betcruisez.com decides to terminate it's work with the clients for some reason, it will be announced in advance on our website (betcruisez.com). Each member will receive a refund within 5 working days by the payment system that was used to make the investment.