Investment Plans

To improve the efficiency of investing, customer convenience and to increase the profitability we have developed 1 Investment Levels depending on the invested amount.

You can choose from our Investment Plans depending on the level of income you want to earn.

  • You earn profit 7 days / week.
  • You can withdraw the profit on working days only (weekdays, except weekends).
  • You can withdraw or reinvest your initial Deposit (Principal) at the end of the investment term. You can also create a partial deposit from this balance and withdraw the rest, it's up to you.
  • You can have multiple Investment at the same time (same or different amounts).
  • The minimum amount for investment is $25.00
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1
Investment Amount
Your Share of our PokerBot Profits
Investment Duration
Your Avg. Profit / Month
25 - Nolimit USD 40% 7 days 6% per week

Representative Program - Participation in our Representative Program.