Affiliate Program

You can additionally receive a steady and stable income with referral program.

Affiliate program

You can earn an additional stable income with our referral program!
Unlike one time rewards with other companies, at you will receive 2 types of commissions for inviting your friends:
First your receive commission of your referral's investment
Second, you receive daily commissions of their profit!


You have invited friends, who invested a total of $10,000. Now they are earning about $500 / month.
Regular members:
You'll receive 2% of your referrals investment amount as a reward for the current month (daily payments) and will continue receiving payments every day, as long as your referrals make a profit!
Representatives + VIP:
You'll receive 5% of your referral's investment amount as a reward (daily payments) and will continue receiving commissions every day, as long as your referrals make a profit!

To earn money as our affiliate, just follow these simple steps:

1) Create a account by clicking here.
2) Place your personal link on your website, blog or share it with friends on Twitter or Facebook. You can also use the promotion material, which can be found by clicking here.
3) Watch your earnings grow while your friends are earning money too!

Advantages of our affiliate program:

  • Free registration
  • You don’t need to make a deposit to receive affiliate income - generate revenue without investment!
  • Get a stable and REGULAR income while your friend are earning with us too
  • Free promo materials - ready to use banners, templates & hop pages for your advertising campaign
  • Friendly customer support to help you with anything

Any participant who invested at least $1,000 and is willing to act as a consultant for other people who speak the same language may apply for a Representative status to earn higher rewards in our affiliate program.