About Our Company

Sophisticated Poker Robots Generating You a Stable Daily Income! Even on weekends.

You never have to risk your hard earned money again! Using our advanced poker robots, you are now able to make money a.m. to p.m. every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. By using our system, you will have more free time and money to spend.

Our constantly developed robots have all the required skills to play poker, but are lack of all the negative human emotions like being greedy, passionate, tired. This makes them a stable, professional poker player. A winner in poker is not the one one winning one or more times in a row. A winner is one who earns a STABLE poker income. Our bots can do this!

Robots only have advantages when compared to human players:

  • They always remember each opponent's reactions and always (re)calculate the odds at the poker table at any given time
  • They save all statistics and hand history of EVERY single opponent, examine these and modify the style of playing
  • Unlike human players, bots never make mistakes
  • Bots never get tired
  • Bots do not have any emotions
  • Bots are not hot-tempered

Why Choose Us?

More Free Time

If you choose us, you will have more free time to spend on more important things, like your family, your hobby or like travelling.

While our robots are earning money for you daily, you can do any other activity, since you don't have to worry about money anymore.

Multiple Earning Methods

Earn a stable daily income with your investment. Get paid every single day! No matter what you do, our robots are working for you!

Have some spare time? Have lots of friends? Maybe they are interested too! Earn money while they earn money! Invite them to our site & let their profits grow your profits!

No-Risk Investment

Our skilled staff is here to protect your investment. We are constantly developing our pokerbots and always taking care of handling money.

All technical risks are taken by betcruisez.com. They are never passed to our customers, since we are the one handling the pokerbot network. You can only earn with us, never lose.